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You don't have to go through it alone anymore. It doesn't have to feel like the worst thing ever to get through the day. Feelings of sadness, grief, anger, stress, anxiety, and loneliness are all normal and ok. However, I know how those feelings can run a little too deep and become hard to escape.

That’s where I come in.

My role as a therapist is to assist you and others in learning to face those challenges and discomforts with confidence and self-assurance. Through counseling and commitment, all of this can be more easily navigated with a deepened awareness of your own abilities and the new-found hope that you’ll make it through!

My job is to do what it takes to guide you in your transformation. That transition between empty to full, dark to light, scattered to whole is my M.O. - and self expression and the arts are among many of my favorite tools in my belt.  I’m here to talk about embracing feelings, here to fight against negative thought patterns, and to shatter the arbitrary expectations that lead to rigidity, lack of openness, and that get in the way of natural (and necessary) self-expression. 

So, are you ready to go on this adventure with me?

Therapy Services

Therapy encourages deep personal growth and helps you to find the pieces within that enable healing and change! My method of therapy is a colorful array of therapeutic interventions that are best suited for you or your child's lifestyle, needs, personality, and interests.  You can learn more about my specialties below:

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What is Expressive Art Therapy?

A multi-modal approach in mental health counseling, Expressive Art Therapy utilizes various creative art forms such as: movement, dance, music, storytelling, writing, poetry, drawing, painting, and more. These mediums are already innate forms of expression, and are extremely effective in the therapeutic process. 

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Unlike my 15-year old self's blog, these days, my writing themes are a lot more uplifting! This blog is dedicated to sharing insights of all shapes and sizes.  For interesting tales on how to get through, stories of inspiration, and heart-felt thoughts , then read on! 

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Inside 2247 Federal Blvd.

Located in a lime green Victorian house, you'll find my office to have that "at home" feel. With the smell of essential oils in the air, and the sound of water bubbling in the background, I think you'll find this office the perfect place to kick off your shoes, curl up on the couch, and begin healing!


“Self-expression takes on the shape of many colors and forms over a lifetime. It is when all of these ways are communicated and expressed freely that self-love and confidence will blossom.”



About Nicole

Nicole may not be tall in stature, but she certainly serves tall orders of compassion and understanding. Nicole can run with the kids, gossip with the teens, and really walk that same path with the young adults. Nicole infuses imagination and creative thinking into her sessions to allow her clients to have the safest and deepest therapuetic experiences.