More Than Talk Therapy


I developed Express Yourself Creative Counseling to go beyond the "therapy couch" and those Freudian conversations about your mother. Therapy is no longer taboo, and self-care is in! This process isn't just about listening to you for an hour and then sending you off into the world to figure out it. It's a collaborative and creative process of understanding what the body, mind, and heart are missing. Together we will explore your story and identify the parts of you that are needing attention. Your feelings matter. Here, they will be acknowledged and cared for.

My job is to help shatter those negative thought patterns that shackle us to unreasonable expectations and pressures that bring us down. While I use the creative arts as tools in my work, it is not necessary or expected to be an artist or engage in art-making. Creative counseling, in my book, is using whatever tools we have available to create a plan of action for recovery, stability, and hope. Through imagination, improvisation, and creative thinking, we can consider the possibilities of what direction you want to go next in this chapter of life. So come in as you are and we'll start that plan together!


Inside 2247 Federal Blvd.

Located in a lime green Victorian house, you'll find my office to have that "at home" feel. With the smell of essential oils in the air, and the sound of water bubbling in the background, I think you'll find this office the perfect place to kick off your shoes, curl up on the couch, and begin healing!


“Self-expression takes on the shape of many colors and forms over a lifetime. It is when all of these ways are communicated and expressed freely that self-love and confidence will blossom.”



About Nicole

Nicole may not be tall in stature, but she certainly serves tall orders of compassion and understanding. Nicole can run with the kids, gossip with the teens, and really walk that same path with the young adults. Nicole infuses imagination and creative thinking into her sessions to allow her clients to have the safest and deepest therapuetic experiences.