What Are Expressive Art Therapies?

My method of therapy infuses creativity and expression into the traditional therapy model. This process activates new connections to the body, mind, spirit, and emotions as an integral component of healing.

When comfortable and ready, my clients will go beyond talking and use other forms of expression to lead the way. We move, sing, drum, paint, meditate, collage, draw, write, act, imagine, play, and create. My clients learn to address their deepest problems through this collaborative and creative process in order to navigate their day to day with confidence, hope, and trust.

I aim to adapt our sessions to your needs. However you come, with whatever you have on your mind or in your heart, that’s where we’ll go. I work intuitively with you to find a method that best suits your lifestyle, needs, personality, and interests. While you may request a particular method, trust that I will lead you through a personalized experience that is tailored to you or your child's unique self. 


Play Therapy

When you think of therapy for children, it might be hard to picture a little one trying to sit still and answer personal questions about their struggles. Instead, imagine a therapist who is a playmate of empathy, a conductor for the imagination, and a teacher of self-expression. Play serves as a natural form of communication for children and makes the therapuetic envrionment safe, familiar, and inviting. 

Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) is a multi-modal approach in mental health counseling that utilizes various creative art forms such as: movement, dance, music, storytelling, writing, poetry, drawing, painting, sculpting and more. These mediums are innate ways we express ourselves in our environment and are extremely effective in the therapeutic environment.

Intuitive Somatic Counseling

Sometimes, when you're just feeling stuck in your body, thoughts, spirit, or emotions, it can be helpful to have some quiet guidance to find realignment. Calling upon your senses, imagination, and instincts, I can help you to move positive energy into your body, balance your energy field, and help you connect with your greater self. This form of therapy is often done on a table, similarly to reiki. 



Through therapy, I will work with young people to align their dreams with their goals to move towards deepened self-worth and confidence. Additionally, we can strengthen coping skills, work through grief and identify confusion, increase relaxation, and decreasing anxiety and depression. Whatever they come in with, we meet it together.